Aspire Notes

0) Go to git when possible (12-Jun-17)

1) Folders, Tags: And now implement Display Contexts (10-Aug-16)

2) Notes on Tweaking Aspire (24-Jun-14)

3) Aspire Release 39 (14-Jun-14)

4) Example data definition for a sample html page (12-Jun-14)

5) A sample akc html page (1-Jun-14)

6) Make parts a separate folder in aspire docs (3-May-14)

7) Quick references for client side widgets (22-Apr-14)

8) Aspire Design Guidelines (14-Apr-14)

9) Notes on multipart implementation (13-Apr-14)

10) Use this structure for the new ai website (6-Feb-14)

11) Write a quick article on client side widgets and template servers (25-Jul-13)

12) Widget implementation. Holds js files that were originally used (20-Jun-13)

13) Work on editable lists for online blogs (25-May-13)

14) How to customize AKC homepage by using the homepage url (23-Dec-12)

15) Tagged menus (22-Dec-12)

16) what are main topics to work on for akc? (22-Dec-12)

17) A copy of default inner master page (19-Dec-12)

18) How to use Aspire Client Side widgets: Implementation and Use (19-Dec-12)

19) test tagged menus (21-Nov-12)

20) This document is used to test the widget using a div (20-Nov-12)

21) Deal with in clauses in SQL Server (16-Nov-12)

22) Formalize microtemplating engine in Aspire (1-Oct-12)

23) Good Karma: Content types in Generic Transformations (18-May-12)

24) List design (16-May-12)

25) Log settings in aspire (12-May-12)

26) Example of an exception based update (28-Apr-12)

27) New Aspire Releases (20-Apr-12)

28) Programming Notes (10-Apr-12)

29) Nature of Aspire: CollectionToBooleanConverter (14-Feb-12)

30) Plan end game for akc (1-May-08)

31) find an easy way to introduce functions (17-Mar-08)

32) allow for public and private master pages (15-Mar-08)

33) find a way to alter master transform (15-Mar-08)

34) Provide template editing for documents (5-Jan-08)