Aspire Knowledge Center (akc)

0) How to use feedback in akf (17-Jul-18)

1) Implement a document storage model (6-Apr-18)

2) Expand persistent logins (3-Jul-17)

3) Define the architecture for Apps in AKC (14-Jun-14)

4) Implement a list of lists editor (14-Jun-14)

5) Create a primitive framework for client side controls (1-May-14)

6) Using template servers as code generators! (29-Apr-14)

7) Test file to test test widgets (17-Apr-14)

8) Test file for http posts (15-Apr-14)

9) Put checks on additional arguments or size of arguments on the incoming URLs (12-Apr-14)

10) Help/Sample scripts for page and folder menus (17-Mar-14)

11) Fix the kids projects features in a knowledge folder (25-Feb-14)

12) Provide a way to redirect an item to another item (19-Feb-14)

13) Bring the Programmable Web to Aspire and AKC (18-Feb-14)

14) Implement topic cards in AKC (27-Jan-14)

15) Implement discuss this on twitter feature! (31-Oct-13)

16) Implement server side substitutions in master pages (12-Jul-13)

17) Research on http digest and persistent logins inorder to extend akc logins (4-Jun-13)

18) implementing http digest for akc (4-Jun-13)

19) akc data model - Jan 2012 (12-Jan-12)

20) New test note (28-May-03)

21) 1. What is akc ()

22) 2. How can I install 'akc'? ()

23) 3. What is coming down the pipe for 'akc' ()